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*~TEARS    IN    HEAVEN~*    by    Eric    Clapton

Would you know my name..If I saw you in Heaven? Would you feel the same ..if I saw you in Heaven? I must be strong and carry on..'cause you know I don't belong here in Heaven. Would you hold my hand..if I saw you in Heaven? Would you help me stand.. if I saw you in heaven? I'll find my way through night and day.. 'cause i know I just cant stay here in Heaven. Time can bring you down,bring you what you need.. Time can break your heart, make you beg and plead.. Beyond the door there's peace I'm sure.. and I know there'll be no more tears in Heaven. ~ THIS SONG IS DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF MY BROTHERS WHO SHALL LIVE FOREVER IN MY HEART~ Eugene (Butchie) Charles Schreiber March 7,1950 to August 21,1961 AND Jon Charles Schreiber August 27,1961 to October 18,1995 ~*THREE HEARTS AS ONE*~

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This song is also dedicated to other family members and friends to whom I have recently lost and I miss dearly:
My Father-in law...John..October 1994
My Brother...Jon..October 1995
My Grandma...Ethel..June 1996
My Father...Chuck..October 1996
My Brother-in-law...Haven..October 1996
My Uncle ...Elmer..December 1997
My Aunt.. Ev...June 1998
My 'Cyber Daughter'...Cathy..September 1998
My 'Cyber Dad'...Pawpee Tom..November 1998

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   ~*JuSt    ME*~

Welcome..As you probably have guessed.. I am Gayle..age 53(no..not ready for those golden years by a long shot). Married with three children. Hubby, Dave works for the state power company as a Electronic Tech. John,33,born in N.Y., is head of a collision shop at the local Ford dealer( no..we dont drive a ford). Kristen,29,born in Italy,is a claims processor for Blue Cross-Blue Shield. Kimberly,22,born in Maine, is a Certified Nurses Aide and works in a home fora Home Health Care Agency Now to me.. I am originally from upstate N.Y.,married a serviceman(USAF) and have lived in Mississippi,Italy and New Mexico, ending up here in Maine. I am also a CNA , but currently drive for a local community service organization .I transport medicaid clients, and also children in foster care,to medical appointments and state ordered family visits. Also, I have been a Girl Scout leader for 11 years and Treasurer of Mollockett Service Unit for 5 years. Currently I am a Wish Granter with Make A Wish Foundation of Maine. I am currently in the process of granting my 9th wish.Volunteering,which has immense rewards,seems to be my thing. I also love Country Music. camping and travelling.... Thanx for visiting my Home Page and please Sign My Guestbook. Feel free to contact me . E mail at UPDATES!!!!!!!!! Kristen and Eric were married July 1999 and have just purchased their first home They have a son born April 6,2002 named Austin John. John and Shelly were married August 2000 and are EXPECTING their second child , a girl due March 24. Jordan,their son,was born August7,2001